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Sad Quotes In English

Sad Quotes In English

Hello  Friends, are you sad? And if you want to express your heart's sorrow, pain and your feelings towards someone, then you are lucky that it was not as difficult as before. You don't have to be a writer or poet for this. And anyway, it is a little difficult to express your feelings to someone. If you too want to describe your feelings to someone and want to share Sad Status in Hindi on your Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, then you are at the right place. We have brought here for you, especially for lovers, Sad Status in Hindi, Sad Quotes in Hindi, Sad Status in Hindi on Life, Lover, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Friends.

Sad Quotes In English
Sad Quotes In English

 sad status in english

Last time came on you, then my heart did not come in my hand…

I try to laugh he makes me cry again.There is a tightening in the heart, it seems that someone else is getting…

Thought we would torment them,They will burn them by taking someone else's name,Then I thought I would have pain in torturing them,Then how can we persecute them.

If it is day, it will be night alsoDo not be sad, he will also talk to you sometime.That love is so cute,If there is life, we will also meet.

One must also be of age for the cocky.This combined life has passed only in its own interest and consideration…

sad life status

If you stay awake all night, do not have the love we loveWe live when without them we feel guilty even if we live

She separated from these distances,Don't know why this love is incompleteNow what happens if we kiss youAt least all his wishes were fulfilled.

Now the heart refuses to do the vaafa, now the heart is scared in the name of Ishq, now there is no need of any comfort, because now every heart is filled with comfort.

My friends have made me very lonely ..

Do not understand whether we are bad or fate

feeling sad quotes 

Don't cheat beautifully sirHow beautiful you areIf you ask, there is blood !! 

I have a rest from God,I have to say one thing to them,Even if death comes, I will say a little,I have yet to see a friend.

Hole Hole Someone remembers,Someone smells my every breath,Thanking that stranger every moment,Who teaches love to this unseen.

It is not possible to live without you now,It is not easy to settle anyone in this heart anymore,I would have left everything to you since then,But you have never called me from my heart.

 sad quotes images

The floor was also his, the way was also his,I was the only one, the other convoy was also his,It was his idea to walk together,And later it was his decision to change the way.

Love is no more in this era, because people do not joke about love in this time.

Want to get wet in the rain, so look into these eyes of mine,This rain is for everyone, but my friend these eyes,Only cries for you.

How difficult it is to hide heartache,To smile again is equally difficult,Go far with someone and then look,How difficult it is to come back alone.

 short sad quotes

This is the nature of this land,Everything tastes,Otherwise even the tears falling from these eyes,There would have been a different sea.

We have seen pain in waiting,Have seen the effect of love in love,People find God like God in the temple mosque,We have seen him in our love.

Everyone wished we didn't meet,If you get pleasure like parting from us,So pray is to God that we don't meet him.

Never ignore him,Who cares for you a lot,Otherwise someday you will realize,You lost Hira while collecting stones.

 sad status pic

God introduced friend to friend,Made friendships for friends,But it says that friendship will remain,One who cherishes friendship wholeheartedly.

Do not fear the spark,We are sitting in our heart like a river,Hey, when would we have been burnt in this fire,But we have soaked ourselves in tears.

Will definitely meet From the spirit of the soul to your beloved  I will definitely meet my eyes with your eyes. From my feelings to your heart.

Her separation has given great courage,Nor fear of losing anyone,Neither does anyone want to get any today.

sad breakup quotes 

We are not used to wounds,We still feel that today,You are the change, sirRemembering everyone except us.

Saying goodbye when they leftEyes lost all dreamsI'm not sorry that they left,The pain occurred when he cried while saying goodbye.

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