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35 + Sad Bewafa Quotes

Sad Bewafa Quotes

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Sad Bewafa Quotes
Sad Bewafa Quotes

bewafa sad shayari english

Your dream is my dream
Whose path is very bad,
I could not guess my wound,
Every page of the heart is a book of pain…...

I could not give you happiness in this love
Tell me a way to be unfaithful
We stirred up the shoals of pain in your heart
How do I get rid of these crimes...

I handled myself this way,
To forget you has brought the world's glory,
Now I am not able to love anyone,
In this mold, a bewafa has molded me.

Why do you talk about romance
Why do you remember in loneliness?
No problem if you don't trust
Why do you talk about infidelity?

bewafa quotes for him

Have sacrificed mirrors for faces
This hobby has done its big disadvantages,
I am very happy by abusing me at the festival,
The person I owe a lot.

We wished he was not forgotten by his heart,
The wound was not hidden from the heart,
Even after infidelity, the heart loves them,
That the accusation of infidelity was also not imposed on him.

Erase by writing
Songs of your infidelity,
Used to do
You too were once in a time.

Every night I forget him like this,
I go to sleep after pressing my chest.

Whenever the cold winds blow at night,
I burn my own house to bake my hands

best quotes for bewafa gf

Your love gave so much comfort
That no one looks good after you;
You have to commit infidelity with this style;
That there should be no infidel after you.

If she was once in my life
Go… So I love the books of the past
Infidelity only eradicates

Do not keep expecting us from loyalty,
We have got infidelity all the time,
Do not find the scar on our body,
We have hurt every heart. ”

He swore never to cry to me,
This is the reason why I still smile today.

sad bewafa shayari for boyfriend

I did everything for her pleasure,
Still, know why I am called Bewafa.

I love you just don't give me the name
Do not unnecessarily accuse me of recklessly,
We will bear the pain you have given me,
Do not punish your love for someone else.

Put love here for someone's sake,
But it is not enough to inscribe it,
Do not want to break someone down so much,
That bewail him with his loyalty.

Infidelity has come from his heart,
I have also come in danger in his water,
No one should read the memories of that infidelity,
That is why I have come on fire with water.

bewafa shayari in love english

Tell us how to get loved ones,
The world is standing like a wall on the road,
He was not ashamed even by being unfaithful,
We got punished like a criminal.

The ones who were burnt for us,
All those lights are extinguished
Some blinds did conspiracies,
Some light deceived.

Why do you talk about romance
Why do you remember in loneliness?
No problem if you don't trust
Why do you talk about infidelity?

We kept looking for the Wafa,
We continued to die alone in disloyalty
Not found a heartfelt lover,
We were afraid of ourselves,
We would rob everything
We continued to erase them in love,
They made themselves sad and happy,
We kept breathing in loneliness
They kept doing infidelity to us
We kept dying on them from the heart.

bewafa quotes for boyfriend

Sometimes sorrow and sometimes loneliness,
Sometimes their separation killed,
Which we wanted to break down a lot,
In the end, his infidelity was killed.

Made him his life in love
Whenever I remembered him, I cried and held my heart,
What happened if he befriended by giving the name of the Wafa,
Life was his, he tolerated all my miseries.

The broken heart also prayed for him,
My breath sought her happiness every moment,
Don't know what kind of heart was that betrayal,
That in the last wish I also asked for his loyalty.

The one who commands also does it,
The sky also tilts,
And if you are unfaithful, then listen to this news too
Intezaar also does mine there.

bewafa quotes for whatsapp

When the fire broke out in his heart,
Realized when they parted,
He could not give the Wafa anything to us,
But they gave a lot when they were unfaithful.

Didn't think you would be unfaithful,
Never thought you would be upset,
The songs that were written by you once upon a time,
It was not thought that the same song would be Ruswa.

The depth of the night came into my eyes,
Some were dreams and some were my loneliness,
These are flowing through the eyelids lightly,
There was some compulsion, your infidelity.

Do not ask how far my patience is,
You sit, your happiness is as far as it is
The expectation of the Wafa, who will be expected
We have to see how far you are unfaithful.

bewafa status in english

The man was going on human shoulders,
Armaan was wrapped in a shroud,
Whoever got unrestricted love,
Cremation was going in search of Wafa.
Life seems to be a punishment for you,
Even this breath feels angry to me,
I yearn for pain,
When the wounds of your city feel the wind,
If I do expect-a-safe, whom should I do,
I find my life too unfaithful.

Do not give infidelity in return for loyalty ..
Do not refuse by rejecting my hope ..
We lost everything in your glory ..
Will not die if you do not test

Do not know what the waves of thinking hit the Sahil;
And then return to the sea;
Do not understand that infidelity from the edges;
Or return and play safe from the sea.

I have come to erase infidelity;
I have come in danger in his water;
No one should read the memories of that infidelity;
That is why I have come on fire with water.

bewafa shayari in english for boyfriend

Never do love with a traveler
Their location is far away…
They are never unfaithful ..
But they must go

Pray for someone's love,
But it is not enough to inscribe it,
Don't want to break someone down like this,
That bewail him with his own gifts

Probably lost words from my pen,
Today they too have become unfaithful,
When I woke up, there was water in my eyelids,
Maybe my dreams cried on me

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