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Romantic Quotes In English

Romantic Quotes In English 

Romantic Quotes In English For Him Best Heart Touching Love True, Romantic Quotes Shayari For Girlfriend And Boyfriend: If you are looking for love quotes in love, then you are at the right place. Here we are presenting you the heart touching romantic true love quotes and Hindi Shayari. With Love Quotes For Him In Hindi, you can tell your love in the right way. The way to sing these Shero Shayari in your words can be found through these love quotes. Through our quotes collection, you can bring a smile on the face of your boyfriend girlfriend Him, Her.

Romantic Quotes In English
Romantic Quotes In English

Today we are sharing with you romantic thoughts (Quotes) Romantic Quotes in Hindi, you can share these Love Quotes & Thoughts, Romantic Lines, Love Shayari with your love. You can also share them on Facebook and Whatsapp.

Romantic Quotes

Weigh your hearts in the scales of your wealth
We are in love with love ..

We do not live our life of senselessness
We don't drink when we jam others
If they have love then don't wait
We don't follow anyone

See you every day
Just am crazy from that day
Trying out at work
Am I a reality or an Apana

I saw you in the veil
Music was delivered, Shama was tried
Fun fun
As soon as you lifted the veil, departed from this world.

romantic love quotes for her

Heartache should not come as a tear
So we smile all the time
Terrified by the name of Wafa
Wherever you see gum, you see gum.

In the path of love, someone wins by losing
And someone wins and loses
Even if you call me a million bad
Do not know yet why we love you again.
I miss you

When the heart blossoms with that memory
So you smile on the lips
Today, that's all I have to say
I'm just yours and you're mine

Looking at the dark sky of the night, Light up the sexy glitter of the stars And the romantic glow of the moon, Makes me think of just one thing, Wish you were here with me, Good Night.

romantic quotes for wife

In one's memory when eyes cry
Do not consider your eyes water these are precious pearls
They silence every emotion of the heart
If eyes are lamps then tears are their light

Love is not available in the world
Love does not know the bond
Love knows love only
Love knows nothing except love

We can't be angry with you,
If promised can not be unfaithful,
Even if you forget us to sleep,
But we can't sleep without remembering you,
good night.

Do not understand the gestures of the eyes
Lips can't say
How can we say your helplessness
Someone we can't live without

romantic quotes for bf

My promise will be better than you wait
My day will be better than yours every night
If not, then check the dolly
My life will be better than yours.

Waited a long time for that moment
When that moment came, just for a moment
This is my request from God
That moment will come again for a moment

In whose memory we became crazy
He has become insulted by us
Maybe they are looking for a new friend
Because in their eyes we have become old.

Bring the moonlight to your yard this night,
Make you sing all the stars in the sky
Your dreams are so sweet and sweet,
That you can always smile while sleeping .. !!!

romantic quotes for GF

Never mind these sweet eyes
You always smile my dear
Stay with us gum
Always come out in your comfort

His rose was in the book of hearts,
His dream was in the sleep of the night,
How much do you love when we ask,
Without you, this answer was his answer.

Desert also smells in the spring
Do also get carried away
Don't get angry over innocent youth
Everybody gets carried away in this Umrah.

The one who loves,
God has inscribed himself,
In order to save his existence, God
Took them apart.

romantic moon quotes

In the crowd of prayers…,
We will also have a prayer…,
In which we have said…
Will, you pray for me…,
When you get any happiness, then understand…,
Dua will be our confession.

Tell us everything about the heart,
We cover every secret, you don't want us
If we do not want it, we die on whatever we want.

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