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Funny Quotes In English

Funny Quotes In English

Hi Friend, Funny Quotes Images and Funny Quotes in English with Pictures, Photos, and Wallpapers to download and share on Whatsapp and Facebook. Get best Funny Friendship Quotes and Funny Love Quotes with some Funny Quotes About Life in Hindi to spread Laughter and Fun. You can also check Funny Shayari Images and some best Whatsapp Jokes Images on our site.

Funny Quotes In English
Funny Quotes In English

Funny Quotes

Everyone must marryShould do...Happiness in life onlyEverything does not happen

Catching the falling soap by hand while bathingTaxing is not less than any exercise

Kisses lips is the wish of your heartBut you will also eat Gutko.

After accusations of Asaram, Rampal, and Baba Ram RahimA board hangs outside some fickle Nirmal Baba's house

Funny Friendship Quotes

Even if the prices of milk, vegetables, petrol increaseBut if Passing Marks ………If there are 33 to 34 riots then there will be riots

Today in the old GF market… I was about to call her “Hello,” her husband said “Chalo”… 

We have no passion for marriage ……, I swear ……,This is the insistence of the children who want a mother

It is also an advantage of being a boy, whenever you start getting insulted, get out of the house, but Papa's fairies have to listen to the entire Qawwali.

comedy quotes in English

Everyone must love once… so that they can know why they should not love… 

What did you think you will leaveThen i will dieHour girl, but you do not have oxygen

People say that girls are life, not deathBut why do those people forget this,Cheating also gives life, not death

If you want a girl to turn around and look at you, then go out from her and say fat to her

jokes quotes in english 

The boy in the city is the girl from the village.Boy: Do you know WhatsApp to do?Girl: No, but you will sit back in the drive 

The man wants his life partner to look like Vishwundari and act like Kanta Bai while the woman wants her husband to earn like Ambani and keep quiet like Manmohan Singh

When without marriageAunt and uncle can be madeAunt and aunt without marriageWhy can't it be .. ??

A girl was sitting with a boy,The other day she was sitting with another boy,The third day she was sitting with the third boy,What education do you get from this story?Boys change but girls don't

funny messages for friends in english 

Woman- Doctor, my husband is asleepAre talking What to do?Doctor - to speak them during the dayGive chance

When I die, I want to go peacefully, just as my grandfather went - sleeping. Not screaming like the passengers sitting in his car.

Laughing is wrong, laughter should be stuckBecause when the girl laughs, the boy is trapped.

A successful man is one who can earn more than his wife's expenses. A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

funny quotes on english language 

The world looks beautiful in love, in pain the world looks like an enemy.If you are in my life, "Bisleri" also looks like "Kingfisher".

What is the heartbeat, very delicate,The cashier of the bank turns the thousand-dollar note twice and even stops.

Even if people do not wear helmets, they will definitely put the phone cover and screen guard,Even if the head is cracked, the mobile should not come to a scratch.

I may have inadvertently sinned in life,But I did not send the request of 'Candy Crush' to any innocent.

 funny quotes about life

Some religious wives give too much ghee and lentils to eat,Perhaps she feels that this will give her husband more mileage.

After marriage, why did the movie come to an end after meeting the heroine?

She calls home and calls. It would have been three years whether I reached home or not.

The girls have never cheated so much today, as much as they have got from the cream of blonde.

 funny love quotes

The girl went in search of love. Became an uncle 

"Mohbutt's person who got sick. The mother of two also felt more virgin than her. " 

Never lift a finger on anyone. Pick up the straight sandal and get started. 

People get the key to success, I can't find a lock-up. "

There is a strange game in the college streets, there is a combination of hearts on the pretext of class, there is love in place of notes, so Pappu fails every year.

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