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Funny Quotes About Life And Love

Funny Quotes About Life And Love

Who does not like to laugh and joke, so today we have brought funny quote images with quotes in English download for you. When we are in a group of friends, there is no time when we do not talk of laughter and comedy. This is the time when we call our tension and enjoy with friends. But when the same friends are away, then at that time we talk and joke with funny images quotes. Laughing is very good for health. Due to urban life we ​​get very less time when spending time with our friends and enjoy the moments of life.

Funny Quotes About Life And Love
Funny Quotes About Life And Love

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Santa - that will fulfill my wish
Give him 1 lakh rupees
Banta-bola, what is your wish
Santa - I want 2 lakh rupees…

“In this summer season, the hot girls of the film screen do not campaign - because wherever it goes, it will compensate for the heat and havoc. "

"Go to exile to calm the mind and marry to calm the mouth."

Advice from Ministry of Health to protect boyfriend from cold. Girls hide their boyfriends in the heart.

funny quotes about life and love and happiness

"The heat has broken the record, the media shouted a lot of chill and told how many beds were broken in winter. Not much justice in this Modi rule "

Son-hi dad– improved up
Father- do you feel ashamed to speak in Hindi
Son- no re ... a little hot center point
Father- what is this
Son- hot spot papa .. hot spot
washed until spot hot

In view of the heat, special notice married and immediately sent the maiden to his wife. The day is hot, at least at night you are relaxed.

Let's shift to delhi
Electric water internet
Gonna be free…

funny life partner quotes

“Even if it is very cold outside, inside the room, there is a fire in the beds, it is not a single person to sleep. "

"Do not spoil your mutual relations in the electoral bias of the candidate, lest anyone should call you to live." Remove the behavior - cut the gem. "

"The only difference between an election and a wedding is that you have to bow before the election and later at the wedding. "

“Marriage - In the marriage, the heat of the boys is increasing by thinking how many modern girls wearing fewer clothes will wear in the summer. "

life's a little weird quote

“Marriage - In marriage, the girls may make good use of makeup, but wearing clothes at least, this is the most effective way to keep the boys from winter. "

“Girls gift their boyfriends to their boyfriends as gifts. It will definitely work in winter. "

"If your girlfriend starts opposing you on everything, then understand that she is the same for seven births and make a distance immediately. Otherwise one is going to be born and ruined. "

“She calls home and calls. It would have been three years whether I reached home or not. "
"The girls have not been cheated so much by date, as much as they have got with the cream of blonde."

funny quotes about god and life

“The girl went in search of love. Became an uncle

"- Thankfully, doctors don't say that open money is not there." Give me another injection. "

When you have more than yourself.
And start worrying
You are about to start the day

There is such an addiction in your love
That we write poetry
And the pain is my followers. !!

funny whatsapp status

For the first time, a face is lying on a face
Express your love in tired
while doing
Body came to know that she is deaf.

We don't drink whiskey, we don't even drink rum
In the name of forgetting gum, we do not drink jam
If you can get fireflies
So God swear, we drink no less than anyone

A girl said to me
You were black before, how did you become white now
Now how to tell him
Earlier I had a business of coal, now I am a flour grinder

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