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Best Good Night Quotes

Best Good Night Quotes

Are you feeling sleepy and you are ready to sleep, to wish your friends good night, you have reached Good Night Quotes For Friends in English, then you have reached a place from which you will not be disappointed and you will have all kinds of good Night specials, SMS, Shayari, messages will be available. Even if you want to send your best Best Friend, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband, Wife in Quotes English, here you will get good night quotes messages and specials that suit all kinds of people, which you can send. Every day people get tired of working their day time and reach their house in the evening. After that, they spend their time with family members and also work their fatigue and stress. You can send any member of the family through Good Night Quotes for Family.

Best Good Night Quotes
Best Good Night Quotes

Good Night Quotes

Look at the moon is watching you !!The stars are also getting tired !!Just smile for all of us !!We too are saying good night to you !!

Every way just wants a journey !!Every traveler wants a companion !!Just like the moonlight wants the moon only !!Someone who wants you so much !!

If you sleep then our dream will come !!Will bring a sweet smile to your face !!Slept open the heart's window doors !!You tell me, our dream will come from where you are !!

Sent the moon to guardWires are assigned to monitor you !!The night has issued this decree !!Let all the sweet dreams be in your name !!

good night status

I just wish you have a good night !!May it be rainy forever with sweet dreams!Whose eyes you were looking for throughout the day !!May God only meet them in dreams !!

You have light every night too !!Everyone is going to love you !!Time will pass on the support of their memories !!Someone who can decorate your dreams !!

The moon has scattered the moonlight !!The stars have decorated the sky !!Good night for you to speak !!Look, some angel has come from heaven!

May every moment be bright with you every night !!Everyone wants you forever !!Let the time pass by their memories !!This is someone to decorate your dreams !!

good night love quotes

It's quite cold at night. The wind is blowing !!Someone's smile is reflected in your memory !!You get lost in their dream world !!Close your eyes and sleep comfortably !!

An angel comes slowly in lovely nights !!An angel brings some happy dreams !!It says, plunge into the ocean of dreams !!Sleep quickly, forget all the pain !!

If noor was in the stars !!Lonely heart would not be compelled !!We must come to say good night to you !!If your house was not so far away !!

How does that person know this skill !!As soon as night falls in your eyes !!Where can I go to escape his thoughts, friends !!He appears in every way of my thinking !!

good night quotes for friends

It is night now, sleep too !!Just get lost in his thoughts close to heart !!Will be waiting for you in your dreams !!Come meet them right in the dream !!

Oh my mind, please stop!His appearance will be seen in dreams !!Waiting will start again in the morning !!At least the night will happily cut !!

Make me cry and sleep !!Your habit has become a habit !!The day my eyes did not open !!You will hate sleeping !!

Lonely smiling is love among the lads !!Love is to hide one thing from everyone !!Like this, we cannot sleep all night !!It is love to wake up and sleep while you sleep !!

cute good night quotes

Every single dream is not fulfilled by getting something !!Nobody is incomplete without anyone !!One who illuminates the moon overnightEven that is never complete every night !!

Have a good start tonight !!Have a rain of love dreams !!Whose eyes kept you looking throughout the day !!Please meet them in dreams !!

When will they express with their eyes !!In what heartbeat will love for us !!The night is passing often in his memory !!Sometimes they too will be waiting for us !!

All the pearls belong to your destiny in the waves of wishes !!May your loved ones be very close to you all the time !!The weather of mercy always remains for you like this !!That your every wish should always be accepted !!good night!!

sweet good night quotes

Let it be the night before !!Why not have a meeting !!Just send a cute message from your mobile !!So that there is no noise and talk too !!

Sent the stars to put you to sleep!The moon has come to tell you the lullaby !!Sleep sweet dreams!Will send you to the sun in the morning to wake you up !!

The moon of the night will salute you !!Fairy voice will miss you !!That God who keeps the whole world happy !!Every moment will take care of your happiness !!

Wherever you are, my prayers are there!Whether it is a city, whether it is a village !!There should be no sadness in your eyes !!May our blessings be your happiness never less !!We can never be angry with loved ones!Love relationships can never be unfaithful !!Even if you forget us, sleep!We can not sleep without missing you !!

good night wishes for friends

Your love is enough for your habit !!Your reason is enough to be alive !!No need to raise my hands without reason !!Just one prayer from the heart is enough !!

You are happy every evening !!Every beautiful night is yours !!This is just our beginning !!Whatever you look at !!The next moment it will be yours !!

All the societies have been lit in the sky!Do whatever is the blessing of all the angelsBring the moonlight to your yard this night !!Let all the stars in the sky sing you Lori !!You have such sweet and sweet dreams !!That you can always smile while sleeping !!

When you miss the night !!Your picture is just visible in the stars !!Keeps on looking at that face !!In memory, whose bus gets up in the morning !!

romantic good night quotes

We lose ourselves like this !!Think you are all yours !!I can't sleep at night !!We fall asleep to see you in dreams !!

Empty eyelids are not able to sleep due to bending down.Those people who sleep have no memories !!Thinking it changed by turning it throughout the night !!Know why he has changed me so much !!

How will you pass without you !!How will you tolerate loneliness!Man is very long waiting for the clock !!These nights will be changed by turning!

Never pray with you, just pray to you!Your hand is in my hand, this is the only complaint!It may happen even if your distance is between us!Do not be disheartened by heart, this is the only thing I can tell!

sweet good night sms

The moon missed the moonlight!Love misses love !!But we have neither moon nor love!So we missed a friend like Chand !!

We can never be angry with you !!I have promised not to be unfaithful !!Even if you forget and sleep with us !!We can't sleep without missing you !!

See that night has come again !!That thing has come to spend time in Tanhaiyo !!We were just sitting in the shelter of the stars!I missed you when I saw the moon !!

It would have been better if you had been the moon and I was the star !!We would have a cute little home in the sky !!People only see you from afar !!It is our right to have a closer look !!

good night sms for girlfriend 

I do not know which thing is the last !!Do not know which meeting should be the last !!That's why we sleep by remembering everyone !!Do not know which night in life is the last !!

We don't want to lose you after meeting you !!Do not want to cry anymore after getting so much happiness !!There is a lot of sleep in our eyes too !!But do not want to sleep without talking to you !!

The moon has come out in the night sky !!Also brought a procession of taro.Look at the sky, give it to you !!I have come to say good night !!

best good night message

It is too late at night.Get lost in the thoughts of those closest to your heart !!Will be waiting for you in your dreams !!In reality, please come in the right dreams !!

We bear the pain of waiting for you !!Because you are the one who lives in our heart every moment !!Don't know when we will sleep or not !!But you can sleep well !!That's why you are called good night !!

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