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Beautiful Heart Touching Quotes

Beautiful Heart Touching Quotes

Hello, friends, this post is based on the collection of Heart Touching Quotes. These all-new quotes status and Shayari in English with images. So please read it and also share it in your friend's circle. And if you have any questions then also comment in the comment box.

Beautiful Heart Touching Quotes
Beautiful Heart Touching Quotes

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Beautiful Heart Touching Quotes 

Those who pass through the eyes;Those stars often break;Some people do not let the pain go away,Just quietly disintegrate.

Your dream is my dream;Whose path is very bad;I could not guess my wound;Every page of the heart is a book of pain.

If we get lost we will never be able to find them,We will go where we will never come.The day I realized my love,We will go from where you will not be able to call again

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heart touching status

Love is a crime I have done to you with pleasure.But waiting in love is punishment.Just waiting, just waiting, just waiting.

The depth of the night came into my eyes,Some were dreams and some were my loneliness,These are flowing lightly from the eyelids.There was some helplessness, some of your infidelity.

You are punished for life by being separatedThis breath also sounds like anger to me.Whom should I do if I expectI feel unfaithful to me too.

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heart touching lines

We live in a world of expectations;They also tried us every moment;When it came time to die in love;We died and he kept smiling.

Forgive your forgivenessForget your accountSorry, my love.You stole being unfaithful

It was a deep night we could rateWe could do what we could not sayYou did not think that you left meWe were mad could die for you

The punishment for crying is the punishment for not crying,This is a punishment to play dard mohabbat !!When you laugh, tears come out of your eyes,This is a punishment for that person.

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heart touching love quotes

Heart got such pain, which medicine did notStill happy i don't mind himAnd how many horns should I shed for that,Which God has not written in my destiny.

Who says there is pain in hatred, MohsinSome loves also cause great pain in the nose.

Feeling the pain hidden in his laughter,He punishes himself by laughing just like this.

My love was strange even my faiz was awesomeSometimes we got everything without asking, sometimes we got nothing on the question

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heart touching friendship quotes

We know you live to live!Just live for us once!What is the heart of this unseen!We will even give life to get you !!

I got a wound that has no medicine,Even then I am happy that I do not get wet with him,And how many tears do I waste for that,The one above did not write in my luck.

Every pain is a favorMy life is just a storyErase his memories from his chest,But this memory is his last sign.

Not every page of life is colored,Every wearer is not giggling,There is only one heart, how long will one break,Now even if someone burns, I am not sure

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heart touching sad quotes

 Somebody's memories are still in this heart,Forgot that but love is still todayWe do medicine to be happy but,There are still Ashkas flowing in his memory.

 We cannot show you how sad it is!They cannot show you how deep the wound is!Just see these tears of ours too!These tears have fallen, how many we cannot count on you!

 When someone's thoughts hit this heart!So the heart goes silent even without wanting it !!No one can say anything even after saying everything!And someone goes without saying anything !!

I promise to support you every moment,Why is there so much belonging to you?Never think that we will forget you,I promise to follow you every moment.

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heart touching quotes in English

We do not realize how much pain is in the heartSomeone was very special but he is not close.We have ruined their love,And they say that this is no love.

 It was your fault for coming to my dreams like this,And this was my fault with you.Someone came for two moments in life,And sir, it was my fault to understand myself.

When a dream hits the heart,The heart remains calm even without wanting it.Someone expresses love by saying everything,No one says anything even after speaking.

If you do not get a seat, then where do the officers of waste go,If this world had been Chaman then where would the wilderness go.Come on, it is good that someone in your family came out,Where would everyone go if they were their own?

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best heart touching quotes

Never tell anyone this secret of love,If not in the heart, hide it in tears.A gust of wind, which passed through the touch,So my love that you remove me from your memories.

We were left celebrating angry hearts,He was left to express his grief to the non-residents.Our destination passed through us,We left to show others the way

If you like someone, don't love them,Do not spoil your sleep for them.Those two days will come to meet happily,On the third day you will say do not wait.

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